A dialogue with nature: Francesca Borgo

Italian artist Francesca Borgo has taken her love for experimentation in science and placed it into her art; using natural materials to create dramatic abstracts. She intends to connect viewers to nature; reminding us of where we come from amidst our current climate crisis.

Connection: Nak Noy

Khmer artist Nak Noy talks us through his current body of work ‘Connection’ which is showing at Tribe Gallery in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Through his incredibly detailed, authentic and powerful pieces he shares with us personal experiences relating to family, power and connection from growing up in a Cambodian village to now selling art all over the world!

Politics and Aesthetics: Darek Fortas

Darek Fortas is a lens-based artist, who has exhibited work internationally. We chatted about his body of work ‘Coal Story’; photography as a subversive and abstract medium; and when he feels a project is truly complete.

Mixed Messages: Nase

RnB and Soul Artist Nase talks about what his latest track ‘Mixed Messages’ means to him, and shares his top tips on how to break into the London music scene.

The little lives: Anna Rootes

Why do certain animals resonate with us? Artist and art psychotherapist Anna Rootes delves into the complexities of our subconscious with her colourful and striking animal portraits.

Life in black and white: Felipe Chavez

An insightful chat with figurative artist and sculptor, Felipe Chavez, where we spoke about life in black and white, homosexuality and the truth about being a “brand”.

Art is a journey: Ben Johnson

Artist, Ben Johnson invites us on his journey to discover the inspiration behind his famous large-scale cityscape paintings which are displayed in museums and galleries around the world.

Meet the artist: Athena Anastasiou

Read about Athena’s recent solo show ‘Living into your portrait’, her tips for art students and how she founded ‘Meet the Artists’