Narrative: Alec Cumming

Alec Cumming’s vibrant paintings transport us into tropical scenes where our senses are sparked in an immersive, nostalgic experience. We chat about themes of language, light and visual dialogue, and how his travels have influenced his work.

Facing fears: Fei Alexeli

Digital Artist Fei Alexeli invites us to face our deepest fears and escape into a parallel universe. Evoking a nostalgia for 60s America, contrasted with surreal compositions of outer space and tropicana in a pink haze, her utopian scenes make us feel less alone and help us to see that beauty is all around us.

Getting Personal: 2019 learnings

Getting personal, digging deep, being vulnerable – they are all scary! but worth it. I take a look back at 2019 and share some of my personal learnings; from slowing down to acknowledging the power of vulnerability. Remembering above all: that we are all works in progress.

A visual form of breathing: Anna F Macdonald

In her striking abstract pieces, Artist Anna F Macdonald creates simple marks which deliberately leave space; asking the viewer to breathe and be present. She describes her minimalist compositions as ‘a visual form of breathing’. We spoke about the importance of self-care, self-acceptance and vulnerability and how she finds zen in a busy world.

Inner reality: Émilie Möri

Emilie transports viewers into a dream with her vivid photographs. This Parisian photographer captures emotion and the inner realities within us; exposing the darker moments of life with portraiture and graphic composition.

A dialogue with nature: Francesca Borgo

Italian artist Francesca Borgo has taken her love for experimentation in science and placed it into her art; using natural materials to create dramatic abstracts. She intends to connect viewers to nature; reminding us of where we come from amidst our current climate crisis.

A Constant Hum: Alice Bishop

Australian author Alice Bishop shares with us her experiences from the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires in her beautifully written debut book ‘A Constant Hum’. The book casts an honest light on the epidemic of global warming and seeks to challenge the gender stereotypes of ‘heroism’ following the aftermath of a natural disaster. Alice shares with us some of her favourite authors and how writing about something that is important to you is key!

Connection: Nak Noy

Khmer artist Nak Noy talks us through his current body of work ‘Connection’ which is showing at Tribe Gallery in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Through his incredibly detailed, authentic and powerful pieces he shares with us personal experiences relating to family, power and connection from growing up in a Cambodian village to now selling art all over the world!

Politics and Aesthetics: Darek Fortas

Darek Fortas is a lens-based artist, who has exhibited work internationally. We chatted about his body of work ‘Coal Story’; photography as a subversive and abstract medium; and when he feels a project is truly complete.

Soulful sounds: Liz Lubega

Singer song-writer, Liz Lubega shares some of her pre-stage mantras; her dreams of owning a record label; and travelling the world with her music.