A Letter to my bully

This is a letter to my bully, as a way of letting go and releasing an upsetting experience. I am doing it for my child self.

In a wider context, bullying is still happening on a large scale. We need to talk about the effect that childhood bullying has had on the adults we are today.

Levelling the playing field: Sexism towards females in football

When it comes to the universal game of football, the ability to kick a ball with physical strength and strategic thinking should not be defined by gender, but by pure skill and passion. Why is it then, that sexism still remains in football? with females being under-valued and under-represented on and off the pitch?

Digital Assistants: The Dark Side

Digital assistants like Amazon Echo’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana have become popular additions to homes around the world. But have we stopped to question why their voices are set as female by default?

Are digital assistants enforcing gender stereotypes? And are we developing an abusive relationship with technology?

Girl Talk: A bright and brave future

How is the hyper-sexualised celebrity culture we live in impacting on the confidence of young females? Girl Talk magazine re-launches to promote confidence and feminist strength, and joins the fight for gender equality.

Mixed Messages: Nase

RnB and Soul Artist Nase talks about what his latest track ‘Mixed Messages’ means to him, and shares his top tips on how to break into the London music scene.

Stepping up our green game: A Borneo adventure

As consumers, are we doing enough to help save our beautiful, green planet? In Borneo, palm oil plantations are destroying the homes of many endangered species. It’s time for us to seriously step it up.

Soulful sounds: Liz Lubega

Singer song-writer, Liz Lubega shares some of her pre-stage mantras; her dreams of owning a record label; and travelling the world with her music.

The little lives: Anna Rootes

Why do certain animals resonate with us? Artist and art psychotherapist Anna Rootes delves into the complexities of our subconscious with her colourful and striking animal portraits.

Moonstruck: Lola Claire

I chatted to actress Lola Claire, co-founder of Windward Collective, about her show ‘Moonstruck’; how she would tackle gender equality; and how the Tube can actually be quite inspiring!