A feeling of warmth and positivity.

Representing creativity, determination and passion.

Celebrating the ‘burnt’ bits which make us all unique and humanise us.

In a city of collaboration. This is real.


Burnt Orange City is a blog that’s in-tune with reality. One, that opens a platform for honesty and openness, and encourages people to come together and share their journeys within the creative industries.

The blog provides creatives with the opportunity to speak to the world about who they are and what their work means to them.

Each creative chat is unique and inspiring in it’s own way. They bring about different ideas and emotions based on certain subjects mentioned. They also invite us to start a conversation, one which may be well overdue.

The blog intends to spark these conversations and inspire us to speak up and follow our passions. It’s not afraid to ask the questions we’re all thinking; challenging social norms. It intends to open our eyes, and raise awareness to things happening right now. This is real.

Let’s inspire, share and connect shall we?