Our Story

Harriet Adkin :: Founder of Burnt Orange City

A safe space for you to breathe, feel inspired and connect with your innate creativity

“Hey and welcome! I’m Harriet, the founder of Burnt Orange City. As an Event Producer, Social Media Manager, teacher and artist, I decided to blend these with my interest in well-being and my passion for connecting with others to create a community. Art has always played a huge role in my life; it’s my form of therapy that I turn to feel grounded, for healing, self-reflection and to connect with my playful, inner child. I know how it feels to battle with feeling stuck and lost; over-thinking to the point of not doing what you really want to do, lacking confidence and feeling unclear on my direction and purpose. I would love to lend my ear and offer support and reassurance to anyone feeling this way. Everyone is on their own unique journey and this is what makes creativity so special when it comes to growth and healing.  My mission with Burnt Orange is to guide people to unlock their full potential, live in their power and connect with their creativity in order to thrive.”

The Burnt Orange community welcomes anyone with a curiosity in art, creativity and a passion for well-being, and hopes to cultivate the message that yes, we are all works in progress, but we are already works of art.  It’s the “Burnt” bits that make us all unique and complete.

What we’re all about 

Burnt Orange City is an creative lifestyle brand built with connection, collaboration and creativity in mind.

To us, creativity and well-being are interlinked, this is why we share the stories of creative individuals and well-being practitioners who openly talk about their ever-evolving journeys and processes through an authentic lens with the hope of starting conversations and helping others connect with their own creativity.

Choosing to access and embrace our innate creativity can help us live with more freedom, purpose and adventure, and less fear and stress. When we embrace creativity we are allowing ourselves to play, to relax, to imagine and to dream – and who knows what exciting opportunities will unfold when we do!

Our offerings

Events & workshops 

Our events and workshops are curated to encourage reflection, expression and growth; asking you to step out of your comfort zone, release any limiting beliefs and connect with the playful creative within you. View our events.


At Burnt Orange we take a holistic approach when it comes to connecting with creativity. Our articles and well-being chats aim to educate and inspire; providing tools for you to live with more purpose, serenity and confidence. From nutrition, to yoga, to choosing crystals, to home organising – enjoy reading our latest articles here.

Creative chats

We welcome creative individuals from all art disciplines to be featured on the platform. Whether you’re a fine artist, designer, actor, dancer – the list goes on! we want to help you gain clarity and confidence in your brand message. Our chats are a way to help you reflect and delve deeper into your practice, with questions tailored to you and your brand. Your feature will have a permanent place on the website, for your audience (and potential clients!) to find you and meet you.

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Social Media Mentorship

Our mentorship packages are available for individuals and for brands. They have been created to help you establish a strong social media presence that shows who you are in a way that feels natural to you, but equally pushes you to step out of your comfort zone in order to grow. This includes: teaching you engagement tools to build a loyal and organic following on Instagram; and how to best promote your brand personality through the content you post. We’d like to make it clear, that whilst Instagram is an important part of your business, your mental health and well-being always comes first, so we’ll be making sure that social media is working in a way that’s healthy for you.

Whether you have been in your industry for years or you are just starting out, our aim is to help you set attainable goals so you can go onto fulfil your dreams and visions.

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“Now, time to get comfy, grab a hot drink, relax and enjoy meeting an eclectic bunch of individuals from around the world who share their artistic and wellness journeys through an honest, open lens. Welcome to the community.” – Harriet