Interior Design Journey: Beth Diana Smith

For American Interior Designer Beth Diana Smith, the corporate world eventually took a back seat to make way for her passion. In our chat, Beth shares her journey and some advice for those looking to transition from a corporate role into creative entrepreneurship. She also shares some of the challenges she typically faces and what art and design truly mean for her and their impact on one’s well-being.

Talk to us about your interior design journey, did you always want to be a designer?

Absolutely not (ha!). I never considered myself creative and always was more practical and process driven, I planned on being an accountant and eventually CFO. Design didn’t come onto my radar until 2008 when I started to redesign my home and started heavily seeking inspiration and knowledge through shelter mags and blogs. 

How would you describe your personal style?

For home, I’m an eclectic maximalist and believe more is more. 

Beth Diana Smith
Walk us through your creative process when faced with a new project

I start with trying to understand the clients functional needs and personal style, this helps me gather the needs versus the wants. Then I start to derive a preliminary design concept which is the foundation of the inspiration behind the actual design. My next step is floor and space planning as well as ideas for renovation and any architectural elements. From there I start to source products and start the design development process until I get to a place where I’m ready to present to the client. And even after that presentation, the design continues to develop. 

Amazing design is about making you feel like your best self

What challenges do you typically face with your work and how do you overcome these?

With any service business the issues range from client issues to dealing with product issues, I’ve just learned to focus on the resolution and to not respond until I’m certain I can respond with a 100% rational void of any emotion. 

Project: New York Transplants
For those who are looking to transition from a corporate role into creative entrepreneurship, what advice would you give them?

Plan and prepare, and plan some more. Focus on learning which should be ongoing regardless of where you are in your business. 

Design for me means endless creative possibilities.

How can the interior design of a space boost our creativity and well-being?

Interior design is literally how your interior environment impacts you and your well being. Amazing design is about making you feel like your best self and having areas that adapt with your wants and needs.

And lastly, what does art / design mean for you?

Design for me means endless creative possibilities. And a personal oasis for yourself where you can recharge and escape from the world.

To get to know Beth more:


Instagram: @bethdianasmith

Project: Bachelor Pad

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