Here are 5 foods to boost your creativity

When it comes to creativity, it’s natural to experience lulls and dips in motivation, inspiration and energy. Sometimes, you’re really not feeling it – and that’s ok! But if you’re keen to get your creative juices flowing again and have already answered our creativity prompts in our ‘Connecting with your creativity‘ article, here are 5 foods you can incorporate into your diet to boost your creativity.

As creative beings, when we don’t look after our mind, body and soul we can feel out of sorts. We may turn to meditating or reading a book to nurture our minds; and connect with loved ones or be in nature to feed our souls. When it comes to our bodies, we can look to movement practices like yoga or sports, and we can look at what foods and liquids we consume on a daily basis.

Not only does food play a crucial role in our physical health, research shows a clear correlation between nutrition and mental health.

Let’s take a look at some mood-boosting foods shall we!

Giorgio Trovato – Unsplash

Need a sugar hit? Bananas are a go-to. They contain natural sugar, vitamin B6 (helps to maintain a healthy nervous system), and prebiotic fibre (great for gut health), which when combined, work together to keep your mood and blood sugar levels stable. They also contain high levels of potassium which helps to reduce blood pressure and water retention.

Bananas are best eaten in the morning rather than at night. Try eating them while they are a bit green rather than black or spotted to avoid too much sugar. But if you don’t eat them in time, why not make some tasty, healthy banana bread with them!

Elke Karin Lugert – Unsplash

Research has shown that eating fruit and vegetables leads to lower rates of depression. And due to their high antioxidant levels, eating berries can reduce the risk of disease and prevent age-related memory loss. They can also lead to the growth of new neurons in the brain to boost creative thinking.

Try having them in the morning with your breakfast or in a smoothie.

Mgg Vitchakorn – Unsplash
Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds provide protein, fibre and healthy fats – all essential for optimal brain function to improve mood and cognitive performance. Nuts such as Brazil nuts, almonds, and pine nuts, are good sources of zinc and selenium which are shown to reduce feelings of depression.

Feeling peckish? grab a handful in the afternoon for some energy.

Jakub Kapusnak – Unsplash

For all you non-vegans, eggs provide a variety of nutrients which include choline. Choline is used to build cell membranes and plays a crucial role in improving memory and boosting the processing of sensory experiences.

Try having them boiled with a salad or poached on toast with avocado.

Charisse Kenion – Unsplash
Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is not only rich in fibre, iron, copper and has powerful antioxidants, it also contains magnesium which helps to release “happy hormones” such as serotonin and endorphins to maintain positive energy. Rather than turning to a cup of coffee for a caffeine boost, dark chocolate contains the perfect amount of stimulant needed for a hit of energy – without the added sugar that comes with milk chocolate.

Fancy a (sweetish) treat? enjoy 1-2 squares of dark chocolate with an afternoon cup of herbal tea.

Aside from reaching for the above when you need a creative boost, the act of cooking and making food can also help you to tune into your creativity. Next time to prepare a meal try and be present in the moment and enjoy the process of combining ingredients, spices and herbs. Savour the sensory experience and enjoy what you have just created. Happy munching!

Cover photo credit: Brooke Lark – Unsplash

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