WORKSHOP: 15th June / Conscious Dance and Creative Writing

When we feel into our bodies we are in connection with the dance of life, at one with the rhythms of the universe.

Join us for an evening in embodying our mind, body & soul as we allow ourselves to connect with nature’s elements and move freely, gently and fluidly through conscious dance, grounding ourselves through a guided meditation and letting our emotions be expressed through us through creative writing. 

The theme of this online workshop is ‘Earthly Embodiment’ which aims to celebrate our oneness with nature and the earth, reminding us of where we have come from in order to be present and in flow with where we are going. We have curated this event because we believe that through movement we are truly able to heal, grow and unlock our innate creativity.

There are only 10 spaces available for this event so we can keep the environment cosy and intimate for you. 

What will happen? 

Conscious dance

Connecting to the element of water

We’ll start the workshop with 30 minutes of conscious dance hosted by Francesca. This is your time to explore freely through non-choreographed dance. 

Movement is a medicine to be experienced freely and consciously connecting fluidly with the element of water to allow us to flow in harmony and at one with the rhythm of the music, shifting any stagnant energy and raising our vibration. Calling in the element of water to move through us, to cleanse and purify our mind, body & soul through intention and embodiment. 

Guided meditation

Connecting to the elements of earth and air

Harriet will host a 15 minute guided meditation intended to ground you and bring you back to the essence of who you are through a beautiful visualisation; giving you space to just be, breathe and escape to a calmer place. 

Creative writing

Connecting to the element of fire

Here, you have the opportunity to write down what was ignited for you during the conscious dance and meditation. This can be in any form, some ideas; a poem, a letter, a statement. We invite you to share with the group what you have written (your insight could connect with another) but this is not compulsory. 

What to bring/wear: 

  • Comfortable clothing to move in 
  • Cushion, blanket for meditation (optional) 
  • Candles, incense, tea (optional) 
  • Pen and paper for creative writing
  • Laptop for zoom

Tap the link below or click here to book your spot!

Featured image: Jurien Huggins

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