WORKSHOP: MAY 16th / Calm Yoga & Meditation to release anxiety

As we emerge from the third lockdown in the uk, things feel familiar but also slightly alien. Understandably, many of us are grappling with anxiety and an inner conflict. As much as we are excited to do things and see people, it can feel a bit pressurising and overwhelming, and so, the comfort of our homes can feel more appealing.

We have designed this workshop to address these feelings of anxiety; hoping to ground you and provide some calm in an intimate setting, in the comfort of your own home. We would like to reassure you that what you are feeling is valid. Do what you feel ready to do, and take each day as it comes.

What will happen at the event?


We’ll start the workshop with a 45 minute gentle flow practice (suitable for all levels) hosted by Rebekah. The practice hopes to help you with:

  • Embracing change, accepting your feelings and welcoming trust
  • Releasing fear and anxiety and the expectation we place on ourselves and others
  • Grounding yourself and connecting to your root chakra through breath
  • Feeling safe and seen in your vulnerability as well as your strength
  • Knowing you are not alone in this experience, being open to support from others
  • Believing that you always have the power to return to yourself, the present, and channel calm.

Rebekah will share the benefits of certain movements throughout this practice and is happy to answer any questions at the end of the session. An exclusive Spotify playlist will also be shared with you prior to starting, which you have the option of moving to during the workshop.


After a relaxed yoga practice, Harriet will guide you through a 15 minute meditation to get you feeling present, grounded and calm (also, in preparation for a good night’s sleep!).


Some journal prompts will be provided to get you reflecting, feeling and releasing. You have the option to answer these in the moment or write them down and reflect on them in your own time.

What to bring/wear:
  • Comfortable clothing that you can move easily in
  • Yoga mat, pillows and blanket (optional)
  • Notepad and pen
  • Laptop for zoom

We only have **5 EARLY BIRD** tickets available!

To book your spot:

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