Creating a sacred space

Now more than ever, having a sacred space that allows us to escape from the stresses of life, the endless notifications that flood our screens and the noise of daily life is needed for our mental health and overall well-being. 

What is a sacred space? A sacred space is a place where you feel most you: where you can just be, feel, rest, rejuvenate. This could be part of your home, or it could be a favourite place in nature where you go for some peace in solitude. It’s a place where you can explore your inner world freely and tune into your thoughts and emotions in peace to centre yourself.  

Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.”

Joseph Campbell

In one of my well-being chats I spoke to Lili Pettit, Founder of Clutter Healing about the importance of having a clutter free home through holistic home organising.  There is a common expression that a cluttered home leads to a cluttered mind – when the space around us is messy this makes it more challenging for us to navigate our creative endeavours and be receptive to new, fresh ideas.

With this in mind, here are 3 simple steps you can take to create your own sacred space at home: 

1. Find an area in your home 

This doesn’t have to be a big area, it can simply be a corner in a room, a small alter on a table or dresser or on a shelf or window sill – try to avoid spots with lots of electronics if you can and look for spots in natural light. Think about what you want to do in this space; for example, if you want to meditate, make sure it’s comfortable. Give it a good clean and declutter before moving onto the next step!

2. Choose what to put in your sacred space 

This is the fun bit! Time to think about which objects bring you joy. Ideally, aim for a small selection which speak to all of your senses. For example, I have create an alter on my dresser which has a candle (sandalwood is so homely), crystals (citrine is great for attracting abundance and creativity), small ornaments from my travels, a plant and a photo. Think about the meaning each item has to you, ensuring they bring positivity and peace. 

Unsplash image – Sarah Brown

3. Create a ritual 

Once you have created your sacred space decide on when you would like to carve out time to enjoy it! Try and be realistic and specific with your timings, for example: you may want to spend 15 minutes each morning holding an item and meditating or 30 minutes before bedtime journalling. 

How can a sacred space influence my creativity? 

Ideally, your sacred space is an escape from the “noise” – I’m not talking about loud traffic outside your window, I’m referring to the chattering of other’s opinions, the pressures to fulfil roles and the fast-paced nature of life. A sacred space allows you to disconnect from this, and helps to reconnect you back to your values, purpose and identity. 

A sacred space should be designed to inspire you and to allow for you to enter a state of serenity and clarity. We can use this as an opportunity to tune into how we are feeling and reflect on our intentions for personal growth. We are more likely to feel blocked, frustrated and foggy when we are stressed, but when we feel calm, our creativity can flow freely though us.  

Sometimes it can be hard to find the time to sit and be with ourselves whilst trying to navigate life! Let your sacred space be a reminder whenever you look at it: 

  • That you’re doing your best 
  • You do have time – try and appreciate the present moment and be proud of how far you have come
  • You are not alone, you are your best company 
  • It’s ok to not be ok, be true to you and take a break if you need to 

Now, enjoy creating your own sacred space!

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