Natural Beauty: Karlo Gomez, Sunday Morning View

I spoke to Karlo Gomez, founder of online magazine Sunday Morning View about what led him to create such an empowering brand for women. The magazine promotes self-love and encourages women to embrace their natural beauty, showing content that is REAL and unfiltered. We spoke about the damaging role of media and how we need to change the narrative from chasing perfection to embracing imperfection.

Perfection is a subjective illusion we can never obtain. 

You’re a photographer and founder of online magazine The Sunday Morning View. I love how your photographs expose natural beauty in an honest light, when did you decide to photograph women as art? And what are the main things you look to capture in a shoot?

Thank you! My journey in making women feel like art started back in 2010, when I first picked up my Canon camera. I was horrible at it, but soon enough it became my passion. 

When shooting I focus on a woman’s natural beauty, but more importantly, capturing her in that moment where she truly feels utterly and undeniably beautiful. There are No tricks, gimmicks, or odd posing, just her naturally posing as art. My images are a reflection of a woman’s unadulterated beauty. In today’s society we need more of this!

The Sunday Morning View
The Sunday Morning View
The Sunday Morning View promotes self-love and encourages women to embrace their natural beauty. What inspired you to create the brand?

There wasn’t anything that existed like us, so I decided to create it! I have never been fond of heavy makeup, all glammed up looks. I’ve always been drawn to a natural beauty, just like my wife. As we grew we became a voice for many women to express the same things we felt about natural beauty.

Why do you think so many women feel unworthy and unaccepting of their bodies? And what role does Social Media play in this?

Media! They always have to make you feel bad about yourself to sell you something! Getting teased because you are different, traditional magazines, tv shows, clothing brands, makeup brands – the list goes on.

Social media plays a huge role because it influences us to believe things that aren’t real. It shifts our perspective and skews reality. When we change the channel, we change the narrative. We need REALNESS and more of it! We need to understand that we’re all human, no one is perfect, and we all have beauty marks that make us beautiful! 

Perfection is a subjective illusion we can never obtain. 

The Sunday Morning View
The Sunday Morning View
What needs to change in our society in order to help women overcome these insecurities? 

Mainstream media, companies and social media influencers need to change their tune! They have to start showing the real side of people. Show real people without beauty filters and overly posed images. You can still create art without all of this. In addition, if you’re listening to a radio station that makes you feel like crap, change it! Find companies and influencers that make you feel good about yourself. You have the power to change it and start feeling beautiful. 

What are your dreams and visions for The Sunday Morning View? 

To inspire as many women to feel beautiful! 

For all the women reading this, what message would you like to leave them with? 

You’re a unicorn! 

You’re special, beautiful and there is no one else out there like you. 

Once you start to believe that, you will do magical things, I promise! 

The Sunday Morning View
The Sunday Morning View
Burnt Orange City intends to inspire and empower people to connect with their innate creativity. What do creativity and well-being mean for you?

Oh,  they go hand in hand… Creativity causes well being, because through creativity you find yourself. Everything around you comes together. It all finally starts to make sense.

To find out more about The Sunday Morning View:


Instagram: @SundayMorningView and @KarloGomez

Tiktok and Youtube: @SundayMorningView

The Sunday Morning View
The Sunday Morning View

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