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Career goals can be daunting; it can be hard to know where to start with so many influences and options. I spoke to Career Success Coach Jaz Broughton about what success means for her; how she looks after her well-being; and where she suggests one can start to make a change.

Success for me looks like fulfilment, happiness and peace

When did you decide you wanted to be a Career Success coach? and what does success mean for you?  

I decided in the Summer 2020. After being a Life Coach for over two years I realised the people I am best placed to help with my coaching were those with career goals. Success for me looks like fulfilment, happiness and peace. Which sound like abstract things to have in a career but it’s definitely possible. I think beyond anything, you truly become successful when you decide what it means for you personally, instead of others’ such as; parents, media, social media, organisations and other influences in your life.

How do you find work-life balance and look after your own well-being? 

Naps, many naps. I’ve also learnt over time that as someone who works full time and runs a business I still deserve to have time off. My brain is rarely truly off but it doesn’t mean my body can’t be; blocking out my calendar on Sundays and being brutally honest with myself about what it takes to truly show up in both my employment and entrepreneurship to keep me in check. Beyond that, I have no choice. One of my greatest fears is to neglect my well-being to the point of reaching depression again because at that point I can’t help anyone least of all myself; so I work with coaches, I pay attention to any tension in my body and embrace duvet-days when they are needed.

Jaz Broughton / Career Success Coach
Jaz Broughton / Career Success Coach

As humans we are creators and as humans we feel and exist

For people who are feeling overwhelmed and stuck or looking to make a change in their lives, where would you suggest they start?

Start with where you are now. Genuinely, stand in your space and look forward towards the kind of change you want and think of the ways you can get there. Write the list or draw the mind map. Then look at all you’ve written and ask “How can I make this simple?” and “What can the first step be?”

And lastly, what do creativity and well-being mean for you?

Both mean expression. As humans we are creators and as humans we feel and exist. Our art and creation can often be a path to our well-being and our art and creation requires a state of wellbeing. 

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