Holistic Home Organising with Lili Pettit (Clutter Healing)

There is a common expression that a cluttered home leads to a cluttered mind. When the physical space around us is messy and disorganised, we may feel heavy and unfocused; which in turn makes it more challenging for us to navigate our work and creative endeavours. I spoke to Lili Pettit, Founder of Clutter Healing about Holistic Home Organising and the impact this has on our well-being.

A home is a living, breathing entity that functions best when organised wholly.

Tell us about your journey with Clutter Healing, what led you to launch the brand? 

I saw a huge, almost immediate, impact after clearing out a person’s closet that led me to expand the concept into what is now called Clutter Healing®. After doing an organising session with a client they would say things like:

“I can finally breathe again”

“I feel like I just lost 20 pounds”

“My space feels so much lighter and brighter”

“I can find and see everything now. It feels like a store”

Clutter Healing
Clutter Healing
For anyone new to Holistic Home Organising, can you share with us the importance of maintaining a clear space? How can this aid our well-being? 

My 15 years of experience have led me to understand that humans function more optimally in spaces where the countertops are mostly clear and the brain has less information to process visually. It is more challenging for us to navigate work and creative endeavours in a messy environment. 

I have also had the most success with clients when we organise the entire home, just like a holistic doctor addresses the entire body. A home is a living, breathing entity that functions best when organised wholly.

What does your sacred space look and feel like? And what items do you turn to to transform and lighten a space?

Sacred space is very subjective to each human being. I might use candles, fresh flowers and music to create a sacred container, whereas another home-owner might want bamboo sheets, a roaring fire and the smell of cinnamon in the air. For me a sacred space always includes each of the four main elements: air, fire, earth and water.

Sacred Space - Clutter Healing
Sacred Space – Clutter Healing
I like how you incorporate Breath work into Clutter Healing as a way of self-healing. For anyone feeling overwhelmed by their home clutter and determined to create space, where might you suggest they start?

I always recommend that people start small. Small, daily actions are what ultimately create huge lasting change. Cleaning out your sock drawer or one day’s email is a doable small action step. When we complete tasks we build the confidence to keep going and dive in deeper.

And lastly, what do creativity and well-being mean for you?

For me, creativity and wellbeing mean that I’m taking care of myself in a way that aligns with my values and natural gifts and abilities. When I’m not using my creative gifts I feel stuck and unhappy. Stepping into more creative outlets this year has made me feel more grounded and alive than ever before. 

Find out more:

Website: www.clutterhealing.com

Instagram: @clutterhealing

Holistic Home Organising - Clutter Healing
Holistic Home Organising – Clutter Healing

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