Pockets of Curiosity: Paula Cherry

Paula Cherry’s vibrant artworks are a reflection of her inner and outer landscapes where she pairs her love for the outdoors with the contemplative thoughts and emotions she experiences whilst in nature. Her emotions are transformed into texture and colour on canvas as she spreads a message of expression, joy and an appreciation for nature with the viewer.

It’s a way of releasing my experiences from what I’ve seen and felt. 

What are the inspirations behind your art pieces? And what would you like your art pieces to communicate to the viewer?

My paintings are based on landscapes, both real and emotional. I love being outdoors, walking my dogs and immersing myself in nature!

I often use my iPhone to photograph landscapes and observe the environment and nature around me, paying particular interest to the changing colours through the seasons and the morning and evening light.

I want to evoke happiness through my art and bring some of the outdoors, indoors.

“Spring” 60x60cm
There is a playfulness to your art, I like how you balance the relationship between colour and shape. What does this relationship mean for you? 

I want to express a rawness through a contrast of bold shapes by blending and softening hard lines to create a delicate space that transcends emotion. Almost like a cross over, a soft passage in landscape.

How does nature influence your art pieces? And where are your favourite nature spots in the UK?

Nature is so important – I love being outdoors, whatever the weather. If fact the seasons are really important to my process, absorbing all the landscapes and the animals. I walk my dogs twice a day in Albury, Hertfordshire. The fields are continuously changing with the clouds in the sky, and the rising and setting of the sun. The textures, colours and smells evoke all sorts of emotions.

Paula’s Studio

It’s knowing you’ve created something with love to pass on to somebody to love. 

Your art seeks to express the rawness of emotion. How do you feel when you create art? How does your art practise and creativity effect your overall well-being?

I feel all that nature provides pours into my paintings; through happiness, mystery, texture, smells. I just love being outdoors and I want the viewer to feel this happiness. It’s a way of releasing my experiences from what I’ve seen and felt. 

I like how you use layering techniques to create depth in your work, what are your favourite materials and mediums to work with? And how do you decide on your colour palette?

I mainly work with Acrylics, using mediums to create thick textures with a pallet knife. Then I use washes or spray to create veils and pockets of curiosity. I often have colours in mind, from something I’ve seen on my walks, but it can evolve as I apply the paint. I exaggerate colours making them bolder and more colourful.

Albury Fields//100×120
Walk us through your creative process .. what are the different stages of your work? From initial concept to the execution of your idea. And do you have any art rituals?

So, I walk my dogs and collect inspiration in my head. I think about what I want to translate whilst walking; conjuring up all my ideas and emotions. Then I paint directly onto the canvas. I start with the first layer, getting the colours on, then I leave to dry. For the next layer, I use the same colours but scrape them back a little; I build up areas I feel are connecting and perhaps add more washes. I like to listen to music with my dogs next to me. It can get very messy!

What is your favourite part of the art process?

I love seeing the painting evolve as colours work together to offer pockets of detail and intrigue. The first application is exciting and it feels peaceful and so rewarding when you know a piece is finished. It’s knowing you’ve created something with love to pass on to somebody to love. 

Paula Art Materials
What are some of the challenges you face as an artist and how do you push past these?

My challenges are having enough time to paint and manage everything!

What are your hopes and dreams as an artist?

I would like hold more exhibitions and share my work with the world to spread the joy of nature and expression with my art.

Anything coming up we can look out for?

I have just moved into my new studio at Courtyard Arts in Hertford as an artist in residence. Feel free to come and visit me! I will be taking part in the Hertford Arts Trail 3rd October for a week also, and I will be exhibiting at Espacio Gallery in Shoreditch (dates tbh).

To view more fo Paula’s work:

Website: www.paulacherry.co.uk

Instagram: @artbycherry

Facebook: @artbycherry

Hope//60x60cm//oak tray

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