Power: Salpi Markarian

I spoke to Artist and Business woman Salpi Markarian about her creative process; where she finds inspiration; and how she finds balancing her businesses with art and motherhood. Salpi’s art is a reflection of her life’s experiences. With an eye for design and interiors, Salpi chooses her colour palettes based on what she feels a particular room needs; hoping her art will form rich connections with others and bring a powerful and positive meaning to people’s homes. 

My advice as an Artist and and Business Woman is in the mentality of being successful in everything you do.

Where do you find inspiration for your art pieces? And what are the main themes behind your work? 

I find inspiration from my day to day life experiences, from things that I see and feel; I then translate these onto canvas in my way.  I powerfully feel that my artwork is a reflection of me and my life. The themes of my work are vibrant and intense colours, which represent a mysterious yet powerful and positive vibe.

I like how emotive your pieces are, how do you feel when you create art? And what emotions do you hope to evoke within the viewer?

I feel excitement and joy, which gives me positive energy to keep going and reach the painting’s final look. I believe that I can evoke the feeling of prestige and deep meaning, which stands individually behind each piece. I like the viewer to question my artwork, it allows me to explain the depth and meaning behind each piece.

Serpent / Acrylic on canvas

Walk us through your creative process … what are the different stages of your work? How do you decide on your colour palette? 

My process begins with an emotion and ends with filling the canvas with colour! There have been times when I have changed my mind during a painting and the end result looked completely different from what I had initially intended it to be. But I am always happy with the end result as I feel that there was a reason why it ended up the way it did. I have an eye for interior and design, I choose palettes based on what I feel a particular room needs. 

Do you have any art rituals? How do you like to work?

I like to work in the afternoons because it’s the only time I can paint during my son taking a nap. I must paint when music is on the background. Ideally, I like to finish it on the same day, when I am inspired. It is a must to be patient and trust the process during painting, I do that but within a short amount of time, to be productive. 

In the studio / Attraction Acrylic on canvas
How do you find managing your art business with your other businesses? And can you tell us about your other businesses?

It is enjoyable being an artist. Being creative gives me desire. Significantly I relax as well as make an addition to someone’s art collection. I naturally balance my time effectively with my businesses. Now my number one job is being a full-time mother to a beautiful little boy.

Apart from my Art, I own another business of 8 years in operation now which is a premium Australian dealership named ( OWEST ) supplying and servicing office photocopiers and printer solutions to businesses across Australia. All my work related matters I successfully delegate between my stuff and manage very well. 

The main thing is for you as an Artist to feel confident in your work.

Do you have any advice for emerging artists just starting out in the art world? And what is your biggest tip for artists in managing their business successfully? 

My advice as an Artist and and Business Woman is in the mentality of being successful in everything you do. Being an Artist is a gift: embrace it, show it and keep improving yourself with time. My biggest advice is to also show yourself as an Artist, and not just through your paintings. Each painting is a message, and so it is important to show who is behind the work – the mastermind of the creation, whilst evolving with time and showing your work on Social media. It is important to connect to people through art, that’s the point of my work: to connect to people and give a meaning to their homes by owning my artworks. 

Kyoto / Acrylic on canvas
What have been some of the biggest lessons you have learnt so far within your art? 

If you are unhappy with the result of the painting you did, you should not be afraid to wipe it down until the perfect result comes. At the end of the day it’s how you feel when you complete the artwork. I learnt to be happy after each painting. The main thing is for you as an Artist to feel confident in your work.

I have an eye for interior and design, I choose palettes based on what I feel a particular room needs. 

What are your hopes and dreams as an artist?

To create paintings which connect with and reach many people; brightening their lives and their homes. In my experiences I have connected to so many amazing people through my Art and I would hope to continue in doing so. 

Waves / Acrylic on canvas
What can we look out for? 

I am working on something very special and exciting. A lot of my social media fans loved my recent art collection, they said the colour palette I chose was really nice however, not everyone can own those paintings. So I have decided to release a clothing line which has my artworks printed on exclusively to sell through my site (coming soon). These will be unique and amazing pieces which will allow all of my fans to own a piece of my paintings 🙂 I feel like everyone deserves a piece and so now, everyone can own a part of my painting as an artistic fashion statement – which I am excited about! Please keep an eye on my social sites for the big announcement. 

To view more of Salpi’s work: 

Website: www.salpi.com.au

Instagram: @salpimarkarian

Other platforms/ social channels: FB: @salpimarkarian

Salpi Markarian

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