Well-being: Tea talk with Francesca Raffa (Spiral Tea)

I spoke to Francesca Raffa, Founder of Spiral Tea, about how tea effects her well-being and creativity. As Francesca will tell you, there is more to tea then just brewing your favourite tea blend in a cup of hot water; tea invites us to connect with the histories and rich traditions of different cultures and provides an array of health benefits. It also encourages us to relax and nurture ourselves with some well needed me-time.

Francesca is also a qualified Herbalist and Reiki practitioner who looks to inspire healing and connection by providing people with a safe space to observe and connect with their mind, body and soul. She also host tea ceremonies, where guests can mediate and sit with their thoughts whilst sipping on delicious tea blends. Enjoy our chat!

Spiral Tea’s aim is to inspire and enlighten you to embark on a journey of self-discovery through tea.

Tell us, who is Francesca Raffa and why did you create Spiral-Tea?

I am a certified herbalist and reiki practitioner who has always had a strong connection with tea and herbs from young age. It began when I went on a trip to Hong Kong at the age of 7-8 and discovered their fascinating traditional tea shops with shelves and shelves of different teas and herbs in jars all labelled with different symptoms (i.e cough, sore throat, digestion etc). They sat me down and gave me a choice of teas to try and began the tea ceremony which involved re-brewing the same tea over and over again experiencing its taste as it strengthened. I felt at home being surrounded by herbs that were used for healing ailments and remember asking my parents if they could buy me a tea set along with a few different loose-leaf teas so I could recreate tea ceremonies at home. Fast forward to about a year ago I rediscovered my passion for tea and had a knowing that I was to create my own tea brand…and so Spiral Tea was born.

I have always been drawn to the “spiral” symbol and it has great significance in my life. A spiral symbolises the life force energy that connects us to everything in existence (earth, nature and the cosmos). It is the symbolism of the spiral that really is the brand message with “connection” being at the forefront; Connecting with ourselves, with each other and with the world at large with tea being the connector. Spiral Tea’s aim is to inspire and enlighten you to embark on a journey of self-discovery through tea.

I love the tradition and cultural aspect behind tea and how the origin of the ingredients so deeply hold the story of the land. This inspired my first collection which is called “Embracing Cultures.” Each blend is inspired by a different country and uses ingredients that are native and traditionally used within each culture.

Francesca Raff with tea

Tea is strongly linked to well-being, how do you feel it impacts on your own well-being? 

Tea has a profound effect on our wellbeing and it has an inner knowing in soothing our mind, body and soul. When I have a cup of a tea, I can instantly feel the muscles in my body drop and the tension that has been building up completely dissipate. When I intentionally take time out to conduct a tea ritual – which consists of brewing a pot of tea, setting intentions as I drink multiple cups of the same tea for a period of time. The whole process is extremely meditative, in that moment I am fully present – it is just me and the tea connecting – I am still, I replenish, I reflect, and I listen to what messages present themselves to me. I feel in that moment the tea knows the answers and tells me what I need to hear or feel in order to heal.

I feel in that moment the tea knows the answers and tells me what I need to hear or feel in order to heal.

Which of your blends do you turn to to feel creative and inspired and why?

The colour of Spiral Tea’s packaging is inspired by colour therapy; Colour therapy relates to the various effects individual colours have on our mental, emotional and physical states. Each colour radiates a frequency that we then absorb through our eyes, skull and energetic field (our aura). Having said this I turn to the ‘Detox Guru’ blend when I am looking to feel creative and inspired which is packaged in the colour orange. I would naturally gravitate to the colour orange as this colour enhances creativity, determination, expression and freedom. Additionally, the ingredients in the blend are also great stimulants in boosting creativity and inspiration especially the herb Tulsi; Tulsi has been said to improve the health of your third eye chakra which relates to your visionary capabilities, creativity and insight. The cardamom in this blend is beneficial in stimulating and warming the body helping to uplift your spirits and help with clarity in thinking. The turmeric is related to the sacral chakra which is the centre of creative expression and energy. Lastly the rose petals in the blend add the beauty element as well as inspiration flowed from the heart.

IMG_1488 copy

‘Embracing Cultures Through A Love For Tea’ Collection
How does tea influence your creativity? 

It’s really the ‘way of tea’ involving sitting in silence, going within and connecting that inspires my creativity. It is the time in pure contemplation with the right blend that I come to some amazing revelations, creative ideas and creative visions that I later plan into fruition. What I mean by ‘right’ blend is a chosen blend with ingredients that hold the spirit of what it is I am seeking, whether that be answers to a question or new creative ideas.

And lastly, what do creativity and well-being mean for you?

Creativity means a freedom to express your channelled deep-rooted visions through an artistic outlet whether that be drawing, painting, dance, music etc… by expressing your authenticity through these outlets benefits on your wellbeing and overall happiness. Wellbeing to me actually means the art of living your life and maintaining  balance and harmony throughout your mind, body and soul. This means where you live, activities you choose to do, how you communicate and express yourself, what you eat, who you surround yourself with all must balance these three areas.


To enjoy Spiral Tea blends visit www.spiral-tea.com

Here, you can also inquire about Francesca’s Reiki treatments and tea ceremonies.

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