Photographer in love: Dani Ropi

Dani Ropi is a ‘Photographer in love’ and an Art Journalist based in New York. Taking inspiration from the people, places and energy around her as well as from the busting New York City streets, Dani uses modern programs to enhance and manipulate colours in her photographs; adding colour to her words. Her bright utopian images are her way of speaking out in an expression of hope and freedom.

I connect colours with words.  I create an anecdote with my mind.

Your photos give an insight into American culture with a Utopian feel, what are the inspirations behind your photographs?

Politics, music, society, religion, YOU! I take pictures with my camera and modify the picture with what my mind sees with crazy colours and a premonition of hope for a better tomorrow. I want to create a Utopian feeling.  It makes me feel like a romantic poet.

Walk us through your creative process .. how do you decide on what to capture, and which colours to use as a Utopian, saturated filter on top?

It’s definitely a feeling. I love capturing the grit of the street and I always look for inspiration there. I never know what I’m looking for as I just go out and take pictures. The feelings and ideas come to me. I then go back to the studio when the pallets of colours happen as I input pictures digitally and paint them in modern programs as I am always exploring new ways. Sometimes I write about it, if someone or something touched me and I connect colours with words.  I create an anecdote with my mind.

What feeling or message do you hope to evoke within the viewer?

I just want to put my voice out there and have the opportunity and  freedom to speak my story.  It’s not because I think I’m someone important, it’s just the place I call home. We didn’t have freedom to speak out loud especially as women. Every picture has a different message but all have a freedom theme. 

What are some of your favourite things to capture in New York?

The energy.  In New York it’s almost palpable here, I try to reflect that by using strong colours.


This is certainly a strange time for the world, with many in self-isolation. How are you finding this time with regards to creating art? and how do you go about maintaining creative motivation and inspiration?

I’m completely empty without inspiration. Like I said previously,  my inspiration of freedom comes from the streets, places and traveling. For me this is very non-inspirational time as the only thing that helps me are the beautiful souls I am surrounded by.  It has been very difficult time for me but I am still trying to put my work out there.

A premonition of hope for a better tomorrow.

What can we do in the art world to help each other during this time?

Throughout history some of the most inspirational art and literature are born during challenging times. Artwork can inspire and create hope and inspiration.  We can create a new and better world. 


What are some of your favourite pieces and why? 

I think “Hooligan” and “Kill the pain” are some of my strongest pieces.
They represent me as an artist and represent my life experiences.

During Art Basel 2019 I actually at one point put them together as one piece and captioned on the pictures: “unconditional love says: I’m connected to love regardless of any condition, and in unconditional love, I’m free!” 

Picture, colours, writing -– that’s Dani Ropi

Throughout history some of the most inspirational art and literature are born during challenging times.

For emerging artists out there, how would you recommend they promote themselves? What has worked for you?

Everyone is different, what works for me doesn’t mean that will be good for others. I follow my guts and heart as  I’m still figuring out my ways.


What are your hopes and dreams as an artist?

“Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell bellow us
Above us, only sky”

What are you currently working on and have you got coming up that we can look out for?

Reorganisation of my work, my website and my life. Learning and accepting this new situation. I definitely want to help society and get involved, so every picture I sell on my website, 20% is going to Elmhurst Hospital!

To view more of Dani’s work:





Facebook: @Dani Ropi Photo_Design




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