Just meditate with Alisha Campbell (Eleven Beauty and Well-being)

It’s a word most of us are familiar with, but when we think about the act of meditating what do we think of? For me, I used to picture someone sitting cross-legged in a tranquil place, perhaps by a calm lake surrounded by candles. As idyllic as this setting is, I have learnt that meditation doesn’t have to be as picturesque as this. It can be as simple as closing your eyes and breathing deeply as you brew a cup of tea, or just as you wake up whilst still lying down in bed. 

Meditation asks us to let go and be present; to quiet the noise and just be. Thoughts will continue to enter our minds but it’s about allowing these thoughts to pass without paying them close inspection. Alisha Campbell is the Director of Eleven Beauty & Well-being where she is about to launch her own meditation boxes. She is also the Co-founder of The Intention Circles, where she co-hosts meditations and sharing circles. I asked this creative-preneur about her meditation practice and what creativity and well-being mean for her. 

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Alisha Campbell
How long have you been meditating for? And how do you feel after a meditation practise?

I’ve been meditating on and off for the past 3 years, but started making it a daily practise about 9 months ago. There are deeper levels to discover within mediation and the deeper the practice, the more fulfilling it can be. I can only describe it as a deep stillness and peace that fills you up, its absolute bliss.

For me, its the feeling during the meditation that is the highlight. But maintaining that feeling after the meditation is the goal.

 When and where do you like to meditate?

 Usually first thing in the morning, before I’ve switched on my phone. I have a special corner in my house filled with candles and incense, blankets and pillows. My perfect meditation set up.

Tell us about your meditation boxes! Where did this idea evolve from? And what can we expect to find inside?

Yes, I’m so excited to launch them! The idea came to me at the end of last year when one of my closest friends was going through a difficult time in her life and needed cheering up. I bought a beautifully decorated empty box and filled it with different gifts that promoted well-being. Collecting the different items and seeing her face when she received it was so rewarding that it made me want to recreate that for others.

The box I am launching at the moment is designed to make meditation practices extra special. Inside you’ll find a beautiful Ylang Ylang and Bergamot candle, made with 100% plant wax, some sage scented incense, an affirmation card, a Rose Quarts crystal, a journal and lovely sachet of herbal tea.

 For anyone looking to start meditating, how would you advise they begin?

Meditation is a journey and one that develops over time. If you’re new to meditation it could be good to start with some simple breathing exercises or an online guided meditation. Ultimately you want to quiet the mind and you’ll find that it definitely takes practise. Getting distracted is very normal but by committing to the meditation and pushing through, you’ll experience the bliss I referred to earlier.

 And lastly, what do creativity and well-being mean for you?

Creativity and well-being go hand in hand for me. I’m happiest when I am being creative. Things like arts and crafts, gardening and cooking are all things that make me feel most alive and positively effect my mental health. Having creative outlets are vital for my well-being. 

Head to @elevenbeautyandwellbeing to join Alisha’s community.

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