Tasmania: a silent strength

They say a photo can speak a thousand words, but when it came to capturing the beautiful landscape of Tasmania, photos didn’t say enough. The lucidity and power of words seemed a better fit in describing this magical land.



Swallowed up in awe of the protective, dark shadows on the horizon 

Swept up by the rolling hills – smooth curves of green and brown 

Grey blankets envelop us with their cool touch. Whilst warm, white rays filter through.  

Baby lambs – their beige coats blending into the yellow tinged foliage 

Isolated stumps that once stood as giants, live on in memory of a roaring blaze

Their black roots exude a decaying ink that leaks towards their naked branches 

Trickling streams feeding into a hungry body of blue 

On winding tarmac we travel on – joyous voices from the car fade into the sharp wind

We look in admiration. Pure stillness, rawness – a vulnerability

Yet its vast, breathtaking landscape holds a silent strength. Dominating any footprint made by man. 



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