Connection: Nak Noy

Khmer artist Nak Noy talks us through his current body of work ‘Connection’ which is showing at Tribe Gallery in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Through his incredibly detailed, authentic and powerful pieces he shares with us personal experiences relating to family, power and connection from growing up in a Cambodian village to now selling art all over the world!

Taking yourself with you: Lessons learnt from travelling the world 

This year I leapt into the unknown and decided to travel around the world. Six months away brought a few realisations (and some mini breakdowns!) about who I am – or rather, who I thought I was. A plane ticket can’t remove emotional baggage or insecurities, but travel forces you to reflect and really see yourself. It forces you to grow through being courageously vulnerable.

A Constant Hum: Alice Bishop

Australian author Alice Bishop shares with us her experiences from the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires in her beautifully written debut book ‘A Constant Hum’. The book casts an honest light on the epidemic of global warming and seeks to challenge the gender stereotypes of ‘heroism’ following the aftermath of a natural disaster. Alice shares with us some of her favourite authors and how writing about something that is important to you is key!

Tasmania: a silent strength

They say a photo can speak a thousand words, but when it came to capturing the beautiful landscape of Tasmania, photos didn’t say enough. The lucidity and power of words seemed a better fit in describing this magical land.

Dreaming and Doing: Nicky Raby

Actor, Coach, Writer and Speaker, Nicky Raby talks about how she has finally found her rhythm. How she finds the “perfect” world of Instagram; and what’s in store for 2019 – including brand new episodes on ‘Dreaming and Doing’ podcast.

Creative Chords: Stephen Spender

Singer-songwriter and musician Stephen Spender shares with us how a terrifying open mic led to him pursue music full-time! We talked about his experiences with busking; what fuels his song-writing; and his upcoming fourth album.

A Letter to my bully

This is a letter to my bully, as a way of letting go and releasing an upsetting experience. I am doing it for my child self.

In a wider context, bullying is still happening on a large scale. We need to talk about the effect that childhood bullying has had on the adults we are today.

Levelling the playing field: Sexism towards females in football

When it comes to the universal game of football, the ability to kick a ball with physical strength and strategic thinking should not be defined by gender, but by pure skill and passion. Why is it then, that sexism still remains in football? with females being under-valued and under-represented on and off the pitch?

Digital Assistants: The Dark Side

Digital assistants like Amazon Echo’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana have become popular additions to homes around the world. But have we stopped to question why their voices are set as female by default?

Are digital assistants enforcing gender stereotypes? And are we developing an abusive relationship with technology?

Girl Talk: A bright and brave future

How is the hyper-sexualised celebrity culture we live in impacting on the confidence of young females? Girl Talk magazine re-launches to promote confidence and feminist strength, and joins the fight for gender equality.